Thursday, May 20, 2010

Polymer Clay Pendants and Beads

I have been inspired by the vast group of talented clay and polymer clay artists on etsy. I have always liked to play around with polymer clay but after seeing some of the results of what has been created with it I'm hooked. Nothing is more gratifying than creating your own pendants and beads if you are a jewelry designer. It makes your pieces feel like a 'real' piece of wearable art. If you've never tried creating with polymer clay then you are missing a big creative outlet for your next jewelry project. My advice is just do it! Go buy yourself one block of white Sculpey (my favorite brand) and get to molding. It is so easy and the possibilities are endless. With a rubber stamp, some clay and acrylic paint you are the next Picasso in bead artist land. Here is a sample of some polymer clay earrings I just made.