Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hand Forged Wire Wrapped Pendant Design

I feel lost as I am completely out of sterling wire. Without my wire my creativity comes to a screeching halt. Wow, I never realized just how important it was to have a wire 'stash'. The bad thing about being a wire jewelry artist is the price of your supplies if you work in precious metals. I have never worked with gold wire (way too expensive for me) but usually always in sterling. My last few wire purchases have come from sellers on Etsy and I've been very pleased. Guess it's time to go Etsy shopping again.

This is a wire wrapped pendant I created using sterling wire. I shaped the bottom hoop and bent it around to form a circle and finished wiring it at the top (I added the pendant before I wired the bezel). Very neat little piece. I need to make more of them....if only I had some wire:)