Monday, April 19, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop of the Week Wudls

1. How did you learn to do the craft of woodworking? My father, he built fishing boats, furniture, and cabinets, I took drafting and wood shop during school.
2. How do you come up with your design ideas? I start by looking at a craft to see if there is a need for a display, from there I design on how to best display it, but also factor in the ease of transporting it to and from a show for the vendor.
3. How long do you usually devote to each design? Most of the designs work from the start, some need tweaking, I get feed back and ideas from vendors seeking a display that will work for them, sometimes it takes a few e-mails and pictures from me till the buyer says yes that works.
4. What is your favorite type of wood to design with and why? I love Black Walnut for my scroll saw work, it just has the look after a fine finish. For my Craft displays Pine, it is light weight, easy to work, plus the cost keeps my display at a good price for the crafter, I want to keep their overhead low when buying.
5. What other types of artistic endeavors do you pursue? Having a working wood shop I do lathe turning, scroll saw, I build wooden computer cases out of Black Walnut with scroll work designs, love to decal the cases with Dragon designs, I can show you pictures if you like.
6. What is your best piece of advice for new crafters selling on Etsy? Do not expect to just jump in and make a living from the start, it takes hours of work, sometimes you may have to switch to a different product till you find the right group of buyers.
7. Please tell us something that you would like your customers to know about you? As I have said I have a working wood shop I will try to build anything a customer might ask for at a fair price, so if there is something made from wood you would like just ask.
Here's a few more of the scroll saw projects from Wudls.

To see more of this talented artist's work visit his Etsy shop at Wudls