Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bead Studio

So I've been busy re-vamping one of my etsy shops and turning it into my bead shop( I wanted a place to display my creative work in polymer clay. Seemed like an easy enough decision. I also have a blog for Mermaid Beach which I have changed into my bead blog now. I'm having issues with distinquishing what should go on what blog (jewelry or bead making and a combination of the two). I'm really confusing myself LOL.
Trying to stay focused on the task at hand I've been composing a few new jewelry designs that I'm very excited about. Hoops, hoops, hoops. Classic design that goes with everything. However, recently I picked up a copy of Jewelry Affaire by Stampington & Company and was so inspired by the talented jewelry artists. I decided to add some beads and baubles to some of my hoops for some extra glam.